“Stand out firmly for justice” — Qu’ran 4:135

My partner and I co-founded and co-direct Huriya Collective, a creative family collective for sacred values of freedom, justice, and human rights.


We specialize in program and campaign management for social and political change. Check out our partners!

We met on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, during the annual Children of Abraham Peace March. We literally walked into each other after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge!

Mohammed focuses on information technology, data management, community engagement, translation, and storytelling.


I focus on trauma-informed community engagement, advocacy, and direct care for gender, health, and immigrant justice through a lens of antiviolence.

Our Services

We Communicate

– Arabic/English translation, interpretation, and transcription
– Storytelling
– Strategic communications

– Social media
– Website production, design and maintenance
– Language exchange events

We Manage

– Campaigns and programs
– Community outreach, organizing, relationship building
– Program planning, development, and fundraising
– Social and political action
– Faith-based community events
– Data and IT

We Write

– Curriculum and educational materials
– Grants, reports, and proposals
– Op-eds
– Narrative nonfiction
– Editing and articles, books, speeches
– Resumes and cover letters